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Rob Daniel
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The "Golden Key" Buyer Presentation Blueprint

Unlock Success with Shon's Proven 20-Point Buyer Presentation - The Game Changer That Elevates Agents Above the Rest!

The Ultimate Listing Conversion Toolkit

Harness the Power of Shon's High-Conversion Listing Presentation - The Secret Weapon That Clinched 160 out of 162 Deals in a Single Year!

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Collette McDonald

"EVERY Agent can learn something from Shon!"

Grant Wise

"Shon is without a doubt, one of the most influential people when it comes to coaching."

Gene Fredrick

"He told us exactly how to make more money, and how we should leverage our time because he's been in our shoes!"

Dallas Seely

"If all signs were pointing to the same North Star, then it's a easy decision to make..."

Meet Your Coach
Rob Daniel
Introducing Rob Daniel - your guide and partner in success. His story is marked by hard work, expertise, and outstanding success in real estate.

Here's what makes Rob exceptional:

He's a former KW BOLD Coach of the Year, known for delivering practical and result-driven strategies. His teachings come from hands-on experience, not just theory.

As the **Manager of Business Growth Advisor** and **Director of Growth for MAPS**, Rob excelled in driving business expansion. He's got a knack for understanding and fostering growth in real estate.

As **CEO of Icon Coaching**, he's shaped top-performing agents and teams. His focus isn't just individual success; he encourages team growth.

Before coaching, Rob was a **Broker, Realtor, and Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.** He sold an impressive 130 houses per year and still enjoyed his leisure – working just four and a half days a week.
Rob's unique approach is about more than just business; it's about creating a balanced life. That's the perspective he brings to the Accelerated Breakthrough program.

With Rob as your coach, get ready for a transformative journey to extraordinary success. Learn from a real estate master who knows the path. Ready to Accelerate your Breakthrough? With Rob Daniel, your time is NOW!
Straight from Shon's Desk...
Shon Kokoszka, a billion-dollar agent with decades of experience, has a personal message for you. He understands your struggles because he's been there. Now, he's inviting you to embark on a transformative journey with him.
Shon Kokoszka, a billion-dollar agent with decades of experience, has a personal message for you. He understands your struggles because he's been there. Now, he's inviting you to embark on a transformative journey with him.

Dear Future ICON Agent,

Do you feel trapped in your career, despite your endless effort? Are you spinning your wheels, barely seeing any substantial progress? You've gone to the seminars, read all the books, tried every trick in the book and yet, results seem to elude you.

This struggle feels like a maze with no exit, doesn't it? 

You're dedicating hours, sacrificing personal time, yet, the income doesn't justify the hard work you're investing. You're watching clients slip away, missing out on listings, your lead conversions are not what they should be - it's exhausting, and it feels like you're running in circles.

Look, there's no denying that real estate is a demanding, competitive, and relentless industry. 

Not everyone is cut out for it...

It's those who are truly committed, willing to learn, unlearn and relearn, those who are ready to change their mindset and tactics, who rise to the top. It's those who are ready to embrace a transformative approach who overcome these challenges.

That's why I created Accelerated Breakthrough. This 16-week immersive program is my way of helping you break free from the rut, unlock your potential, and significantly increase your income.

You'll have access to proven strategies, personalized coaching sessions, and a detailed training schedule designed to elevate your career to unprecedented heights. 

My team and I won't just tell you what to do; we'll show you how it's done.

This isn't a quick fix, a miracle, or a secret trick - it's a structured, results-oriented way of mastering the art of real estate. So, are you ready to accelerate your breakthrough?

Don't let another day of struggle go by. Embrace your potential and make the career leap you've been waiting for. Click below to join the Accelerated Breakthrough Coaching & Training Program today!

To your success,


P.S. Spots in are don't miss this chance to skyrocket your real estate career! Sign up now!

Achieve Unprecedented Success With...
This program, led by the distinguished Shon Kokoszka, provides you with the tools and strategies you need to drastically increase your sales and income, without burning yourself out

With more than 4,000 homes sold throughout his career, Shon's proven techniques will help you accelerate your business growth.
With Accelerated Breakthrough, you're not just receiving weekly strategy calls. You're getting a full suite of resources designed to propel your business to new heights. From access to Shon's proven products and systems, to networking and strategizing opportunities in an exclusive Facebook group, to a comprehensive members-only area filled with hundreds of videos, scripts, and objection handlers - this program provides you with all the tools you need for success.
16-Week Training Breakdown:

Month 1

Session 1: Accountability Foundations
Session 2: Mastering Lead Conversion
Session 3: Overcoming Buyer Objections
Session 4: FSBO and Expired Lead Generation

Month 2

Session 5: Self Management
Session 6: NLP Language Patterns
Session 7: Buyer Presentation
Session 8: Social Media Lead Generation Strategies

Month 3

Session 9: Buyer Lead Generation
Session 10: Understanding Behavioral Styles
Session 11: NLP Language Patterns
Session 12: Listing Presentation

Month 4

Session 13: Business Planning the ICON way
Session 14: Managing Your Pipeline
Session 15: Negotiating Strategies
Session 16: Mastermind & Recap
The strength of the Accelerated Breakthrough program lies in its comprehensive approach. Combining the benefits of group coaching with access to tools, templates, models, and one-on-one guidance from an ICON Coach, this program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently grow your business. The 16-week training schedule is designed to cover a broad spectrum of key areas, from lead generation and conversion strategies to managing your pipeline and mastering negotiation strategies.
The Architect of Accelerated Breakthrough...
Shon Kokoszka
  • Billion-Dollar Real Estate Agent
  • ​Sold over 4,000 homes in his 28 year career
  • Top 100 RE/MAX Worldwide
  • Top 100 Keller Williams Worldwide
  • ​Former President of Keller Williams MAPS Coaching & MAPS Business Training - the #1 training organization in the world
  • Instrumental in creating the KW BOLD coaching program
  • ​Has coached thousands of real estate professionals
  • ​Proud Father and Husband
Everything You Get In Accelerated Breakthrough
  • ​​Mastermind Your Way to Success - Participate in weekly 1-hour LIVE Zoom sessions over 16 weeks for transformative training, personalized coaching, and strategic game planning... (valued at $6,000)
  • The Language of Influence - Decode the secrets of NLP Language Patterns to supercharge your communication skills... (valued at $497)
  • ​​The Conversion Code - Crack the mystery of lead conversion with our cutting-edge strategies and scripts... (valued at $997)
  • ​​The Lead Magnet Masterplan - Become a lead generation powerhouse with innovative strategies, marketing tactics, social media scripts, and engaging dialogues... (valued at $497)
  • ​​The Persuasion Toolkit - Navigate any conversation with ease using our treasure trove of tried-and-tested scripts and objection handlers... (valued at $197)
  • The Ultimate Knowledge Vault - Gain limitless access to our extensive archive of invaluable video and audio resources... (Priceless!)
  • Blueprint Your Success - Harness the power of the ETA System to design YOUR unique Business Plan... (valued at $397)
PLUS These 2
The "Golden Key" Buyer Presentation Blueprint

Secure commitment every time with Shon's proven 20-point buyer presentation! Turn every potential buyer into a signed contract... (Exclusive Bonus valued at $997!)

The Ultimate Listing Conversion Toolkit

Get your hands on Shon's unbeatable listing presentation! Witness how this world-class presentation won 160 out of 162 times in a single year... (Exclusive Bonus valued at $997!)

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